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IDB                                         General manager resign.

TASE                                      Wil go public and IPO in process.

Hapoalim Bank                 General manager resign.




Mellanox:                           Sold to Nvidia (Nadsaq NVDA) purchased Mellanox for $ 6.9Bn.

Electra:                                The Anti-Trust Commissioner started an open investigation.

Rapac:                                 Will sell IBC to Cellcom Israel Ltd for $ 3M.



Spiral Glass:                       The banks requested to appoint a Receiver for $ 1.8M debt.


Technopah:                       The company will close down all of its activities.



Bezeq:                           Attempt to sell Mr. Alovitch holding continues.

Israel Banks:                Increasing profits in 2018 reports is more than likely.

Ministry of Treasure: Information provided by the ministry was false.

                                        Year 2018 deficit much more than reported.

                                         Expected to exceed 3.00%.

General:                         2019 is an election year in Israel.

NSO:                               The establishing shareholders try to increase their shares in the company.

                                         The previous leading shareholders will pay at 1bn as company value.

                                         (Franciscan Partners is the seller).





Aeronautics:                     Inside dealing under investigation by the Trade Commissioner.        


Beit Shemesh Engines:  Purchased Hishulei Carmel for $16M.


Yes:                                      Yes Satellite TV value in Bezeq Group books expected

                                              to fall by 50%.                 







Real Estate:                        The slow down continue.

One Tech.                           Will purchased Sens B. A. Solutions Ltd.



Bezeq:                                  Net profit down by 27%

Pelephone:                        Operating loss in 3Q2018.

Airbnb:                                 The occupied territories are out.

Leumi Bank:                       The leading shareholder (Ms. Arison) sells 60 million shares for $ 410M.





El Al:                                      SEC investigation on suspicion for inside trading.




Adin ACS                             A Receiver was appointed for Adin ACS assets.


Stainmetz - Aminah        The accounting firm will pay ILS 11.5M ( $ 3.2M) as

                                                Compensation to Inbal Or Co. Receiver.


DEXIA BANK                       Merger with Israel Discount Bank is more than likely.


Jerusalem Bank                Attempt to purchase Dexia Bank expected to fail.





                                                Attempt to issue bonds in TASE. ($ 120M).


OIL REFINERIES LTD          Employees unrest.





10Bis                                     A class action was submitted against this monopoly for over charging.


Bezeq Group                      Banks attampts to sells their shares (Liens from Mr. Alovitz) fails.


Internet Gold                    Attempts to sell B. Comm.




Mellanox                            For sell. Increasing income and profitability.

CAN-FITE BIOPH.               The new cancer drug Nanodenoson will be presented to                                                     investors in NY.




Leumi Card:                       Demands for ILS 2Bn in bonds issue.

TASE:                                     Indexes: TA 35 -1.8%. Banks -1.96%. TA 125 – 1.97%.

Paz:                                        Two weeks after chairman resign, the CFO leaves.

Fashion Ind.:                      Decreasing demands (01-08/2018) by 7.1%.




TASE:                                     All stock exchange indicators and indexes are in the red.


Partner:                               Misleading information on new customers in financial reports.


IEC (Israeli Electric):         Allocation of funds causing losses estimated at $ 1Bn.




Amazon:                              Increasing efforts to start retail operation in Israel.


APEX:                                    Second attempt to sell Psagot Group.


NANO DIMENSION:           Increasing its marketing efforts in North America.


New South Sea Port:       Shapire Group and Afcon Group won $ 200M contracts.





ZAP:                       Apax try to sells its holdings in Zap. The IPO I based on $ 180M.

                                Apzx paid about $ 45M for the company five years ago. Zap didn’t

                                That well since.


Mizrahi Bank:     Refuse to pay $ 95M to the US Justice Dep. On Tax manipulations

                                by its customers.


CaesarStone:     Improve profitability in 2Q2018


Cellcom:               Purchased 70% of IBC (Internet on Fiber Optic SP) for $ 26M





Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: Continue to deregulate. Increasing numbers

                                             Of high risk companies are IPO in TASE.


Bezeq Telecom.:             Increasing attempts by Israel Discount Bank,

                                          Hapoalim Bank and The First International Bank

                                          To sell all holdings in Internet Gold Ltd., (the main

                                          Shareholder of Bezeq – Israeli Telecom Com.


Cesare Stone:                   Recostruction process is unavoidable. 




Eurocom Communication: A Receiver was appointed.

Teva Pharmaceuticals Ind.: Cooperation with P&G no more.

Walla Shops: Increasing losses in 2017.




Bezeq: A $ 9M fine was imposed by the Trade Commissioner.

Israel Discount Bank: Increasing profit.

Clal Insurance: The CEO Mr. Izi Cohen will have to go. Top management failure in report.

First International Bank: Increasing profit by 30%.

EMG Gas Pipe: Noble and Delek attempt to purchase access and capacity in the pipe.



Stratasys: Increasing sells but still in the red.

Argaman Ind.: Shareholders will provide financial aid (part of settlement with banks) of about ILS 13M ($ 3M).

Fashion Sector: Sells continue to drop. Increasing sells online over in-store.

Bezeq: Investigation in process. Alovitch negotiation with  Seidof continue.



Fattal Hotels:  IPO 10% based on ILS 4.5Bn ($ 1.3Bn).


PERRIGO COMPANY PLCreceived final approval from the U.S. Food and Drug

Administration for the generic version of Estrace Cream.(with Impax Laboratories,Inc).


Africa Israel investments: Tax Authority demands ILS 254M ($ 70M) for previous years.



Merry Christmas and a happy new year.




Teva: Continue to crash. the company will lose 25% - 30% of its market share.


The Israeli Financial Market: Continue to be isolated. Only local bank are operating in Israel.


Discount Investments CorpContinue to increase leverage.






Bezeq: Investigation continues. Legal proceedings against key figures seem to be unavoidable.


Teva: Mylan  (NASDAQ, TASE: MYL) today announced the U.S. launch of Imatinib Mesylate Tablets, 100 mg and 400 mg, a generic version of Novartis's Gleevec® Tablets. Mylan received final approval. 


Home Center (DIY) Ltd.: Will not be able to pay bonds holders on time. 


Plaza Centers N.V: Liquidation seems to be unavoidable.




Union Bank:

Attempts to sell the bank were unsuccessful.

A merger with Mizrahi Tfahot Bank seems to be the only option.





Teva Pharm: Reconstruct debts and business structure.


Ayalon Insurance: Changes in shareholders again. Eliyahu consider purchasing.


Sirius International:  Continue to purchase Phonics Insurance shares.


Beit Shemesh Engines:  New contract with P&W.


Super Pharm:  Attempt to sell share at an estimated value ILS 5Bn ($ 1.3Bn). Super Pharm is the leading drug stores chain in Israel.





Bezeq Israeli Telecom Co.:

The company, the shareholder (Mr. Alovitz) and the CEO (Mrs. Stella Hendler) are under investigation regarding fraud and illegal actions, transferring assets between Mr. Alovitz private assets and shares to the public company (Bezeq).

At this time it is too early to estimate the results of this investigation.

However, there are some indications that the investigation will end in legal process.


IDB: The deregulation of the local stock exchange increase IPOs from high risk company.






Carasso Motors: Increasing leverage with new bonds.


Glubus Max: A Receiver was appointed.



Golan Telecom: Golan Telecom shares were prurchased by Electra Consumer Prod.

Electra paid $ 92 million.


Electra Consumers Prod.: CEO is under investigation for securities and shares violations.


Nice Ltd.: Cancelled dividend payments.


23.12.2016: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.




On November 2016: Total of $ 1.2Bn were issued in the local debt market (bonds).


Golan Telecom: Request for Liquidation by Cellcom.


Africa Israel Group: 3Q2016 about $ 632 million in losses.


Teva: a $ 132 miiion in fine, expected.


Hapoalim Bank: The leading Israeli bank. Chairman was part of a sex scandal cover-up.  (As well as the last CEO).


21.10.2016: Altice N.V.: Will the group be able to pay its debts ? Euro 45,711 million in

Long term borrowings, financial liabilities. (31.12.2015).

30.06.2016: Long term borrowings, financial liabilities Euro 51,808 million.

Year 2015 net loss: Euro 219.9 million. 2Q2016 net loss Euro 772.3 million.





20.10.2016: Ortam Sahar: Can not pay its creditors.

Over $ 250 M in debts.



Urbancorp Inc: Midrog - Moody's rated Urbancorp Inc as A3 4 months before insolvency.(11/2015).

Delloite: approuved Urbancorp Inc financial reports for the IPO.(11/2015)

On 04.2016 Urbancorp Inc declare it could not pay its creditors.




Cellcom: is withdrawing from its intention to purchase Golan Telecom and

consequently from the negotiations with the company.

Ortam - Sahar: A new shareholder will investa minimum ofILS 50 M ($ 13 M) up to ILS 80M ($ 22M).

FOX-WIZEL LTD: Attampt to open a local Foot Locker stores in Israel.

Bank of Israel: The Monetary Committee decides to change the frequency of reaching interest rate decisions to eight decisions per year.

Koor Metals: The factory was sold for ILS 9.5M ($2.5M).

Menora: Purchased ERN.

Eliezer Fishman: Will not be ableto pay its creditors.
Liquidation of all assets seems to be unavoidable

ICL Israel Chemicals: Mr. Stefan Burgus announced his resignation.



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